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#musicmonday BANKS - Drowning

[Verse 1:]
You tried to lie, I can see that you don’t need me
(Need me don’t need me, need me don’t need me)
All of your words, they have been cursed with dishonesty
(With dishonesty, with dishonesty)

Take it from the girl you claimed to love
You gonna get some bad karma
I’m the one who had to learn to build a heart made of armor
From the girl who made you soup and tied your shoes when you were hurting
You are not deserving, you are not deserving

(Why would you stay?)
I can see that you wanted me cold
(Caught in the way)
You’re so bold while you’re watching me moan

[Verse 2:]
You tried to hide, I can see that you don’t see me
(that you don’t see me, that you don’t see me)
What do you gain by the names that you’re calling me?
(That you’re calling me, that you’re calling me)


(Cause I’m drowning for ya)


Holding out
Like you could pull me down
Cause I’m drowning for ya
(Cause I’m drowning for ya)
Cause I’m drowning for ya

[Outro x4:]
Can you follow me out to the water?
I can show you were sinking deeper
Let me know
Cause I’m drowning for ya



Coloring in photoshop is a lot easier than it seems once you know the right settings

omg anthony

Si fuera tan fácil como eso

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